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About Us:

My name is Ludmila Haynos-Owen and I am the owner of Lavender-Blu.  

Since 2007 Lavender-Blu has been hand-crafting value added artisanal

lavender products and teaching the public about the multifaceted

beauty of lavender via workshops and community-based activities.

Lavender-Blu is comprised of a hobby farm, a lavender garden and a

lavender artisan studio. Our mandate is to beautify our community,

to create unique hand-made artisan products as well as to educate

individuals on the subject of lavender.

Why Lavender?

I have an eclectic work and study background from Canada as well as Europe.  Parallel to developing my knowledge in the field of natural cosmetics and medicines, I pursued higher education in the field of communications and eventually I began my career in this direction. Yet, my dream was to somehow unite the two worlds together.

I have always led a creative life, however establishing a family has really connected me to my creative side and has pulled me back into nature. Serendipity waved its magic wand when as a gift I received an organic lavender cream. I was immediately reminded of lavender’s healing qualities and after some research I discovered the incredible versatility of this ancient herb.  This was the missing puzzle piece I’ve been searching for. It was the link that inspired and motivated me to look back on my work and research experience in the field of natural cosmetics and medicine AND to combine my knowledge of communications and the love of the arts.

Since 2007 I have travelled throughout Canada from Vancouver Island to P.E.I. visiting lavender farms, lavender artisan studios and meeting lavender growers. Further trips to the US as well as Europe allowed me to elaborate on my knowledge of lavender and its versatility. I am now applying my knowledge here on our farm in Seagrave to create a local lavender artisan gathering place.

In 2011 Lavender-Blu joined the newly founded Ontario Lavender Association (OLA). In addition we are on “The Purple Road” – a travel and info guide which highlights a wide variety of lavender artisan businesses throughout Ontario.

End of 2013 we relocated to our current location - a three acre hobby farm on the shore of Lake Scugog. We have over 40 farm animals, a small orchard, a large vegetable garden and 1300 plus lavender plants are now growing on our property. In cooperation with Hiveshare, we now have 8 bee hives on our property from which we are able to obtain our home-grown honey as well as beeswax which we use in the creation of many of our products.

Lavender’s natural healing powers, aroma, flavour and colour have for centuries contributed to the improved quality of life world-wide. Through Lavender-Blu, I feel it is my role to communicate this message and broadcast it as ‘loudly’ and widely as possible so that we may continue benefiting from one of nature’s most unique and mystical gifts.

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