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As an artisan, I have chosen a somewhat unprecedented medium –

lavender. I consider lavender “living art” – it is an ancient herb of a

very versatile nature, one which for centuries has been utilized in

many different art forms and due to its well-known scent, adds yet

another dimension to an artisan studio.

The versatility of lavender is so broad that it touches many artisanal

avenues: ceramics, weaving, painting, photography, the art of

distillation, landscape design, culinary arts, aromatherapy, flower

arranging and horticulture to name a few. Therefore, running a

lavender artisan studio encompasses a broad spectrum of these

avenues with the lavender acting as the keystone and binding


Lavender’s natural healing powers, aroma, flavour and colour have for centuries contributed to the improved quality of life world-wide. Through Lavender-Blu, I feel it is my role to communicate this message and broadcast it as ‘loudly’ and widely as possible so that we may all continue benefiting from one of nature’s most unique and mystical gifts. I hope to introduce products of the highest quality that equally enrich your life in the most positive of ways.

In my studio I work with textiles, wool fibres, watercolours, clay, raw organic substances, aromatic essential oils, fresh pliable lavender as well as the dried lavender buds to create affordable lavender artisan products. In addition, I provide workshop space in order to present visitors with the opportunity to become active members in creating their own ‘piece of art’. This is a lovely journey as spectators and onlookers suddenly become participants. This is the art of lavender.

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